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Start A New Path Forward – VOTE VERL FARNSWORTH

For years, Mayor Giles has actively worked to circumvent the will of Mesa’s voters and has engaged in some of the most corrupt behaviors this great city has ever seen. 

Now is the time for Mesa to start a new path forward by entrusting Verl Farnsworth to lead Mesa back to the will of the voters. 

Verl Farnsworth

Vision for Mesa: Mesa is a special place, a place that has long been a city where neighbors are truly neighbors. Where everyone was willing to come together to solve even minor problems. Over the years I have watched as Mesa has become divided. I believe that our city leadership has created an atmosphere that has been detrimental to the peace and harmony that we all desire.

I believe that the disharmony in the police department, which all of us has seen, is a result of our city leadership. Is this what we deserve or want? 

Mesa under my leadership will move closer to being the kind of place that we want raise our children, and grandchildren, where our friends will want to come and put down roots, and where the schools can propel our children toward future success.

My life reflects who I am. Barbara and I have 13 wonderful children and 38 grandchildren, most of whom live right here in Mesa. I have dedicated my life to service in my community. Through my service as a school board president I have a unique perspective of the importance of schools and the issues they face. Through various church responsibilities I have served the poor, the under privileged and those in great distress. As a small business owner for 45 years in various aspects of construction and logistics, I understand the needs and challenges of businesses in Mesa and I am able to provide the right support to help them be prosperous.

As all of us have seen the conflicts and struggles in government throughout this country, I became determined to get involved and make a difference. This involvement has resulted in me becoming the chairman of Constitution in the Classroom and have personally taught thousands of individuals about the constitution and its role in our country. My work as chief of staff for one of our State Senators has allowed me to be involved in fixing the issues concerning our state and city, including the atrocities of our states’ Department of Child Safety.

I am uniquely qualified to be Mesa’s next Mayor. I ask for your vote.

Verl Farnsworth


ASU Project

For years Mesa’s citizens have voted against raising taxes to support this massive $200 million project. Mayor Giles ignores the voters decision, raises taxes and gives away pristine Mesa property for pennies on the dollar. Does Mayor Giles have your best interest in mind?

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Honest Governing

It has never been more important than now to shine a light on your city government. Verl Farnsworth is committed to bringing openness and honesty to Mesa’s city government. For years backroom deals and political paybacks has been costing Mesa millions of dollars. For years Mesa, under Mayor Giles’ leadership, has been underselling Mesa’s property by the millions to his political supporters.

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Fighting for Mesa

Verl Farnsworth is ready to bring Mesa’s city government back to being accountable to the citizens of this great city. As a result of Mayor Giles’ disregard for the citizens vote, Verl Farnsworth has been working tirelessly to hold the City Council and Mayor Giles accountable to the voters. Now is the day to elect a fighter for the people and remove the fighter against the people of Mesa. Vote Verl Farnsworth for Mesa Mayor!  

Corrupt Deal

As a result of the efforts of Verl Farnsworth and a few others, land set aside for a district park appraised at $25.5 million that was nearly given away for the low price $15.6 million, has been saved from such a terrible deal. These kinds of deals have become the status quo in Mesa and needs to stop.  How can Mesa prosper when its Mayor keeps giving away this kind of wealth at the same time he raises taxes? 

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  • Mesa Financial Health Grade – ‘D’
  • Rejecting Voter’s Will
  • Consistently Raising Taxes
  • Hidden Negotiations
  • Mayor Giles Is Bad For Mesa

Mayor Giles – Bad For Mesa

After enduring years of Mayor Giles leadership Mesa has received another ‘D’ grade for financial health during his administration. Driving Mesa’s financial house into disarray as he ignored the voters, attempted to sell Mesa’s park land for millions below value, and funding pet projects that become nothing more than a financial loss for the citizens of Mesa. 

  1. November 6, 2016, Voters reject proposed ASU project paid for by utility rate increase. Mayor Giles rejects voters by raising utility rates to pay for the rejected ASU project. At a cost of over $200 million to the citizens of Mesa.
  2. After receiving an appraisal of $25.5 million for land set aside for a district park, Mayor Giles attempts to sell this land for $10 million less than appraised. 
  3. Raising utility rates, advocating for increasing the transaction tax and adding property taxes, has Mayor Giles ever met a tax increase he didn’t like? When does it stop? How many more tax increases are needed to fix Mayor Giles’ failures?
  4. Mayor Giles hid communications from Freedom Of Information Act requests over his negotiations to sell Mesa property at million dollar discounts.