Does the Mayor use his office for election intimidation?
  • Mayor Giles to new Councilman Whittaker: “Tonight David Luna will make the motion to remove Ryan VanWinkle from the Council. I would like for you to second the motion so that the decision won’t appear to have racial overtones. That is what happened.”
  • I visited with a former candidate for a council position because I had heard through the grapevine that a high ranking elected officer in Mesa City government had telephoned him and very earnestly encouraged him to get out of the race. The gentleman responded: “there was no phone call, the Mayor came and stood right there and told me that I was too white, too Mormon, and that he didn’t want the ethnic makeup of the council to be disturbed.”
  • A well known member of the community had decided to run for a council seat and collected his signatures and was ready to follow through with the process when the Mayor of Mesa showed up after having visited with several board members where this person worked and told him that if he didn’t get out of the race that very possibly his non-profit business could suffer serious consequences.
  • A Candidate was asked to drop out of the race because the Mayor felt that his presence made a risk for the candidate of his choice to be elected.
  • A Candidates wife worked for a non profit that did work with the city of Mesa and the Mayor sent word home to her husband through her employer that her husband needed to drop out of the race as it would be detrimental to the outcome desired.
  • A local developer was told by the Mayor that if he supported Mr. Farnsworth in any way shape or form that he could expect no help from the city planning and permitting departments.


Have you heard something similar to this on the national level?

In the fall of 2018 I requested all communication between Mayor Giles, City Manager Brady and the Developers that were interested in the Recker/Thomas Park land. I received a copy of the first appraisal ($25.5M) and emails from Developer 2 and Mayor Giles.

Then I was told:

Mesa Assistant Attorney: “no text message could be located”.

After reviewing my file of information I discovered an email sent to me:

Developer 2: “We have been communicating for several months via text messages and in person.”

Wow there it was! Text Messages! So I again requested copies of the text messages between Mayor Giles and the developer. I received a response:

Mesa Assistant Attorney: “The text messages you seek were sent on a private device and as such they are private.”

I think we know now that all communications with government employees while conducting government business should be available, especially when negotiating contracts.  Also, I wonder how the Arizona Republic got the text messages between Mr. Brady and Police Chief Batista.

In my meeting with Mayor Giles on December 4, 2019:

Mr. Farnsworth: “… that is why I wanted the text messages.”

Mayor Giles: “I no longer have them.”

So did the Mayor destroy or delete information (that the public was entitled to) while conducting city business? What was in those text messages? Sure would like to find out! Was evidence destroyed?

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