Vote Verl For Mayor

For the Future of Mesa

My Positions

ASU Project – Mesa voters rejected tax increases for the ASU Project, I am committed to rolling back those tax increases

ASU Project

Balanced Budget – When politicians keep funding pet projects they find themselves always needing more and more taxes. Its time to balance the budget in Mesa.

Balanced Budget

Increased Transparency

Increased Transparency – I am committed to open and honest governing. Opening the books and ending the backroom bad deals. No more lies and hidden agenda from your city government.

Budget Priorities

Budget Priorities – First responders are a top priority and should be budgeted first. Second, infrastructure and then the amenities. These will be the budget priorities under my administration.

Mesa Schools – My experience as a School Board President has given me the experience needed to strengthen the education of our youth while providing educators the resources they need. Every school can be an A+ school in Mesa.

Mesa Schools

Pet Projects – Mayor Giles’ pet projects have driven Mesa toward financial disaster. These pet projects and increased debt are unsustainable and must stop. Mesa’s current pet projects have created an annual loss of $25 million. We can not continue losing money for Mayor Giles’ pet projects.

Pet Projects

Fair and Equal Justice

Fair and Equal Justice – Often our marginalized communities have not received fair and equal justice. Our police need more training and our prosecutors should seek justice and not just the easy conviction. All of our citizens need to know that their city is committed to equal justice for everyone and not 2 sets of justice we too often see.

Ethical Governance

Ethical Governance – Changing the Mayor alone does not fix the problems this city faces. Voting for Danny Ray and Jeremy Whitaker along with myself will give this city a chance to correct course and protect the future of this great city. Honesty, integrity, transparency, and accountability must be foundational tenants of your city government,